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Case study : Kwazulu-Natal, south Africa

there are an article title " Living With Coastal Erosion In Kwazulu-Natal". The writer wrote about coastal erosion that happened to surround Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa...
Continued global warming will cause sea-level rose and increased intensity and frequency of coastal storms.
Below, is the picture to prove that coastal erosion that can harm living things on the continental crust.
 ( January 2007)
(July 2007)

The rate of coastal erosion is very fast. In just a few month the beach are almost gone. 
Coastal erosion results in three different types of impact :
- loss of land and damage to the built environment
- destructing  of natural sea defenses such as dunes
- undermining and failure of artificial sea defenses

Mitigation of Coastal Erosion
Mitigation schemes use a combination of techniques and approaches which may include
- Hard engineering techniques : using permanent concrete and rock constructions to fix or consolidate the coastline and protect the inland assets.
- Soft engineering techniques : building with natural process in mind relying on natural elements such as sand dunes,vegetation to prevent erosive forces from reaching the built environment, and the use of sandbags and beach nourishment schemes.
- Managed retreat - removal and relocation of houses and other infrastructure away from erosion prone areas.

But, each techniques have their positive and negative effects.

A short-term responses strategy
- Plan any coastal construction so that it is a safe distance away from the high-water mark and reinstate natural defence mechanism with necessary
- Replace lost sand with sand
- Soft engineering solutions
- Consider hard engineering solutions in exceptional cases only after detailed environmental assessment and authorization is obtained.

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